jumping jumping jumping

continuous brainwasher subway, oh yes, unfortunate symbolism indeed, 123 four five, an army of 

drunk cats indeed, rap references and poetry references, cameras that don’t burn, make the oil run, 

drill the sea, nowhere like a lighthouse, strung out gypsy van, boulders of sad decay along the rail 

track, flatulent tv screens, rice, paddy, paddy, rice, smoke and mirrors, deflated by the roadside, 

jack, jack, jack, jackal, day of, of the jackal party, donuts done from a cone, sugar, paper plates and 

fair stalls, long long roads, hours driving, missing, this, missing, that, long long far away dreams, sand 

and sand, planets burning, eating, starving, water to drink, filth in the cup, take your time, no sink, 

no toilet, no cooker, long views of mountains, mist in the morning, jumping jumping, don’t delay, 

wonderful daydream, falling on fire, burning, smoke, haze, drink, discover the rainbow, eat the time, 

fly, fly, oh yes! don’t fall, don’t fall, eat the daydream, dream of waking, waking of feeling, spasm, 

spasm, autocorrect, autocorrect, eat the daydream, pop, crackle, broken, broken, cars, cars, here, 

here, in, in, car, car, my, my, far off daydream, eat my cat, form and fur, oh! oh! don’t feel the 

daydream, fall, fall, falling, falling, fire, fire, no way back no way back, NO WAY BACK