bad frog

there’d be a point in being a big meat eating plant

or a vast nuclear reactor

& sitting near a box of 


ONE day, TWO day

daily fail

being an abacus of desire

under the spreading

doughnut bush

meat and 1 veg

probably a large cockroach

faint blue smoke

stinky litter

cat on a bike

nothing but a dog to say


i’d be a culmination of youtubes

and bad grammar


let there be cake

the sun is falling
below the gravestone,
he made 83
when I was two

i expect the sun
is falling

and none of it
a thing



i expect when i am 83
none of
will still mean a thing

but for the sun


jumping jumping jumping

continuous brainwasher subway, oh yes, unfortunate symbolism indeed, 123 four five, an army of 

drunk cats indeed, rap references and poetry references, cameras that don’t burn, make the oil run, 

drill the sea, nowhere like a lighthouse, strung out gypsy van, boulders of sad decay along the rail 

track, flatulent tv screens, rice, paddy, paddy, rice, smoke and mirrors, deflated by the roadside, 

jack, jack, jack, jackal, day of, of the jackal party, donuts done from a cone, sugar, paper plates and 

fair stalls, long long roads, hours driving, missing, this, missing, that, long long far away dreams, sand 

and sand, planets burning, eating, starving, water to drink, filth in the cup, take your time, no sink, 

no toilet, no cooker, long views of mountains, mist in the morning, jumping jumping, don’t delay, 

wonderful daydream, falling on fire, burning, smoke, haze, drink, discover the rainbow, eat the time, 

fly, fly, oh yes! don’t fall, don’t fall, eat the daydream, dream of waking, waking of feeling, spasm, 

spasm, autocorrect, autocorrect, eat the daydream, pop, crackle, broken, broken, cars, cars, here, 

here, in, in, car, car, my, my, far off daydream, eat my cat, form and fur, oh! oh! don’t feel the 

daydream, fall, fall, falling, falling, fire, fire, no way back no way back, NO WAY BACK


I walked here yesterday

I’ve come along the street

of Victorian houses to the river

as the sun is setting

there were less boats on

the river then 

yesterday the people were different

a dog loose with no owner


And we did

And we did dominate nature and with our machines and mud and we did cover the trees with 

concrete yes and we did fill the air with unbreathable fumes yes we were selfish and we 

burned all the coal and the oil and we set fire to the fossil fuel to propel our progress and yes 

we made metal fly and tanks kill and we did pull all the fish from the sea and fill the water 

with plastic yes and we watched the snow vanishing more each year and loved the sun in 

January and yes we had cancer and yes we poisoned ourselves and the electric flowed into 

our machines and made more machines that used electric which was pushed in to the 

machines with long dead animals and we burned it to make weapons to kill each other and 

make money by selling more weapons and yes we did fly around the globe watching 

creatures die and floods and hurricanes and chopping down trees and yes we made money 

and we moved money about yes the rich had the money and they moved it to the rich and yes 

the poor had none and less than that and we were selfish and we should have known better 

and yes we didn’t in the end know better than the soup that we came from

more you know less you

no more ###### #####
i’d say
sometimes there is sun
but ### #####
if you feel you need to belch
never hold

exploding is the best way

you think you know, #@@ said
“I know there is no

reverse that
willy winker

it’s amazing who we have lost
~~~ unless

don’t give me that


I think the problem lies

I think the problem lies
With the decimal