Indonesia, my former home, is burning. Orangutan like Christmas baubles, living candles, burning fairies. Eco-apocalypse now, nobody is looking

After the jungle is gone there will be palm oil, to fill the pockets of the London bankers. Canary Wharf the tower, burning eye above us

Looking, watching, cameras and cards. Swiping in, touching your Oyster. Being watched by your loyalty card. The police are scrutinising you looking at Facebook

Looking at another Tinder date, protecting us, protecting the children, protected Jimmy Saville

Looking for an ipod, need another phone, need another tablet, computer is out of date, need to buy another, need Windows 10

Jet, jet, sufferer jet

Special needs man studying agony, dyslexicus, dyslexicus, dyslexicus, dyspraxicus

Ipod, ipad, itunes, iPhone, ihowl, iscream, ideath, selfie stick, Samsung Galaxy

Stinking planes belch from City Airport, loaded with money suits, suits flying home for the night to save us from our greed

They have all the answers and own our Mercedes Benz, the suits are our friends, thinking only of the greater good

We trust the suits, who sit and argue, who say many words, who eat Dolphin Friendly Tuna

We trust the suits, not to burn our rainforests and fill our food with palm oil and sugar

We trust the suits, to keep our rent low and to stop the ice caps melting

We trust the suits, not to fuck us over for their own stinking greed

The rainforests are burning, animals are dying, more and more and more of us, less and less and less of them, extinction, extinction

But we need, a new ipod, we need three tablets, we need a new computer, we need a Mercedes Benz

But we need, a better video game, betting on our candy crush sim, blowing your simoleons on a digital better life

But we need, more and more of everything

But we need, to suck the world dry before we leave to the fires of hell

Give us more bacon, let us eat cow, chop the pigs heads off and murder little lambs, scour the oceans clean of little fishes and fill it with plastic

We need a new war to keep the battle machines in production

We need to make profit upon profit upon profit

Trusting in Twitter, trusting in suits, keeping your Linkedin profile current, making a smart update, doing a killer infographic, change the world in 140 characters

Google your life up and surf the Amazon, ebay a bargain toaster and dropbox your ideas synced to your ibrain

There has to be a new V.W. with A/C and electric windows and satellite navigation

When the money stops we will all starve, the rent will be too much, we need the suits to save us from our own machine, we need a new iphone and a new V.W.

We are going to save Johnny polar bear and the burning Orangutan

We are going to save the planet from the atom bomb and environmental collapse and melting ice caps

Cancer, cancer, cancer, aids, cancer, the last barrel of oil

Set yourself on fire like an Orangutan fairy in your own burning forest, go out in style.

One down, 7 billion to go